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NAD Costa Rica.

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ya tenemos disponible en nuestra tienda www.sonuscr.com la marca NAD. Somos distribuidores autorizados para Costa Rica de esta gran LEYENDA del audio HI-FI.

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DENON Costa Rica.



Audyssey Platinum
The AVR-X4000 features Audyssey Platinum, our most robust level of Audyssey support with Audyssey MultEQ XT32, Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Audyssey DSX, Audyssey Sub EQ HT, Audyssey LFC, and Audyssey Pro. Audyssey MultEQ XT32

Easy Setup
harnesses the power of sophisticated DSP processing, measures the acoustic output of the speakers and subwoofers, and generates multiple digital EQ filters with 256 times the resolution of standard MultEQ. This provides the smoothest, most natural tonal balance in virtually any room. Audyssey DSX offers the option of front wide and front height speakers which are placed to the left and right or above the main front speakers to broaden the width and/or height of the soundstage, making the audio experience more impressive, engaging, and believable. Audyssey Dynamic Volume senses the impending arrival of very loud sounds and automatically reduces the difference between normal and extra-loud programming. Audyssey Dynamic EQ automatically adjusts subwoofer and surround speaker levels for maximum performance at any playback volume. Audyssey Sub EQ HT provides individual tailoring for dual subwoofer setups. Audyssey LFC (Low Frequency Containment) provides a full range tonal balance for late-night listening that minimizes the intrusion of deep bass content into adjacent rooms or spaces. The AVR-X4000 is also Audyssey Pro Installer ready.

IN-Command Control SophisticationIn addition to conventional remote control, the AVR-X4000 is equipped with a range of additional control options, including the “Denon Remote App”, which is available in iOS and Android versions, which lets you control the unit with your favorite smartphone or tablet. You can also control the AVR-X4000 via the web control function, which you can access via your PC’s web browser. Equipped with both LAN and RS-232C serial port connections, the AVR-X4000 is compatible with a broad range of home automation control systems from companies including AMX, Control4, Crestron, RTI, Savant and URC. The IR remote input and output jacks provide even more control options, and the unit features two 12V assignable trigger outputs for projection screen and motorized drapes control.
Ethernet Connectivity with Internet Radio, Streaming Services and AirPlayConnect the AVR-X4000 to your home network via an Ethernet cable or an affordable WIFI adaptor or wireless Ethernet bridge and open up a whole new world of listening enjoyment. You can enjoy music and audio programs from a vast range of internet radio stations, as well as enjoying music from streaming services including SiriusXM, Spotify and Pandora (subscriptions required).
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PEQUEÑO PERO POTENTE Ningún otro altavoz inalámbrico ofrece un sonido HIFI tan nítido y intenso con un diseño tan compacto.

Proporciona un sonido nítido y intenso:
El PLAY 1 tiene dos amplificadores CLASE D perfectamente afinados, un woofer de gama media de ¨3,5¨ diseñados para reproducir fielmente frecuencias de rango medio y ofrecer bajos profundos, y uno de agudos para crear una respuesta de alta frecuencia nítida y precisa. Ningún otro altavoz inalámbrico de este tamaño proporciona un sonido tan claro y rico.
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